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Who’s Got Your Back? Benzer Basics For Dermatology Services As Part Of Men’s Health Month

Who’s Got Your Back? Benzer Basics for Dermatology Services as Part of Men’s Health Month

As a general rule, men are notorious for putting things off or looking the other way when it comes to their health. So, it’s no surprise that most don’t pay all that much attention to the skin they’re in. Unless, they happen to spot something unusual. More often than not, it takes some form of discomfort before they do something about it.

Sometimes, that can be too late.

One example comes in the form of skin irregularities. Medical professionals uniformly advise seeing a dermatologist for an annual check-up just to keep an eye on dark marks or moles that develop and change shape over time—especially on the back—or other parts of the body that evade self-examination. The obvious concern, naturally, is skin cancer. Not something you want to put off.

Hmmm, if only there was yearly event that could serve as a reminder to schedule a doctor’s visit?

Thankfully, there is.

Men’s Health Month runs all June long, featuring National Men’s Health Week in the lead-up to Father’s Day on Sunday, June 16, 2019. For many across the country, this yearly event serves as a “string on the finger” for taking time to assess preventable health problems, encouraging early detection and treatment of various conditions before something minor develops into something more.

At Benzer Pharmacy, we’re proud supporters of this event and of our patients who find answers as a result of following up with their own doctors. In the meantime, our wellness services in the area of dermatology cover a lot of ground—and a lot of skin.

In brief, we treat everything from psoriasis, plaque psoriasis, warts, eczema and acne to dry skin, rosacea, age spots, scars, cutaneous lymphomas and beyond. Moreover, unlike the difficulties many face in getting face-time with a dermatologist, our pharmacists are ready and waiting to serve patients on a walk-in basis at any point during normal store hours.

That’s a particular advantage when the need calls for compounded medications or a specialized formulation to offset any number of dermatologic conditions that can present unexpectedly. Not every cream or ointment is going to work for every cosmetic purpose, so it’s important to know and trust that the people in your corner have got your back—even if the concern is front and center.

Just as importantly, Benzer offers free home delivery and personalized patient services, such as medication therapy management (MTM), refill reminders, prior authorizations, and specialty care management programs that bring patients and physicians together on the same page.

All made possible in one pharmacy.

You might only make your yearly appointment with your chosen dermatologist once every few years. But for all those days and months in between, there’s no substitute for going without.

We encourage you to stop-in for a one-to-one meeting with your Benzer pharmacist anytime this June as part of Men’s Health Month. Or, even better, during National Men’s Health Week, June 10-16, 2019.

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