Our Vision

Benzer Pharmacy's 340B program strives to partner with every eligible covered entity in the United States in order to improve the lives of indigent populations, and the healthcare providers that serve them.


340B Program Support

We pride in having a specialized team ready to assist in:

  • Program customization tailored to your entities’ individual needs.
  • Financial savings that are redirected back to patient care.
  • 340B Program insight.
  • An inventory replenishment model.


Why Benzer?

Benzer Pharmacy offers reliability and quality support at no cost to eligible covered entities.

  • FREE delivery within 20 miles.
  • Refills that can be made via our mobile app or online website.
  • 340B Program insight.


About Our Team

Benzer Pharmacy is an independent community and specialty pharmacy that is highly patient centric. Utilizing our community retail pharmacies, central fill specialty and mail order capabilities, we can partner with eligible entities to increase access to both retail and specialty 340B medications for their patients. With the intent of becoming a part of the patient care team and a long-term partner, Benzer is flexible and will work with all Wholesalers and all 340B Third Party Processors. The most successful 340B programs include a network of contract pharmacies that extend a covered entity’s pharmacy services throughout the community they serve. We at Benzer are here to bridge that gap.

Please contact us here for 340B related inquires.