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Company News | Benzer Pharmacy Dials-Up ‘Pen-Needle/Sharps Disposal’ Safety with UltiGuard Safe Pack
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Benzer Pharmacy Dials-Up ‘Pen-Needle/Sharps Disposal’ Safety With UltiGuard Safe Pack

Benzer Pharmacy Dials-Up ‘Pen-Needle/Sharps Disposal’ Safety with UltiGuard Safe Pack

The only all-in-one pen needle product to combine 100 pen needles with a sharps container are available in select locations August 1; co-branded rollout with UltiMed to follow in September

Benzer Pharmacy is proud to announce another exciting addition to its line of diabetic products-this time around- getting straight to the point with the introduction of UltiGuard Safe Pack for pen-needle dispensing and disposal.

The announcement comes with plans to co-brand the product, joining the Benzer name together with manufacturer UltiMed, on the label of units scheduled to ship in September.

Citing survey results indicate that less than 5% of the 7.8 billion sharps devices sold in the U.S. are disposed of properly, Tonya Shackelford, VP of Clinical Services for Benzer, said the move coincides with the need to bring safe needle use “full circle” for diabetic patients.

“The UltiGuard Safe Pack is a two-chambered all-in-one system,” said Shackelford. “Even better, it takes the risk of getting inadvertently ‘stuck’ out of your hands.”

“Users can access new pen needles from the lower chamber; then, after administering their given dosage according to physician instructions, a simple insertion of the pen needle into the upper chamber (sharp sticking down) to secure and unscrew the sharp, followed by a turn of the handle on the side of the unit to release the sharp into the upper chamber for storage until the unit is full.”

UltiGuard Safe Pack is cleared by the FDA and generally complies with state regulations for used sharps containment and disposal. To see where your state stands on the issue, visit

“All in all, partnering with UltiMed to spread the word about this innovative new product for diabetic patients promises a boost in brand awareness for both UltiGuard Safe Pack and Benzer, as well as giving new customers good reason to become repeat customers. What’s more, the unit is loaded with 100 pen needles per container.”

“No reason for anyone to get stuck with more than they need,” Shackelford quipped.

About UltiMed, Inc. 

UltiMed, Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, is a manufacturer of injection delivery devices including insulin syringes, pen needles and safety syringes for the domestic and international markets. The company owns and operates two state of the art medical device- manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and abroad. UltiMed’s broad product offering is valued by pharmacies, physician offices, health care facilities and veterinary clinics. UltiMed’s exclusive UltiGuard Safe Pack packaging system makes the Company a world leader in safe needle disposal. For more information, visit

Contact your local Benzer Pharmacy for details on availability, or to find the closest location near you, use our store locator below:
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