Describing the reasoning behind the rollout, Tonya Shackelford, VP of Clinical Services, explained that MinibarRx offers patients safe, convenient, and easily affordable access to a variety of essential vaccines in just one-stop at participating Benzer locations.

“When patients learn they need a vaccine, like Hepatitis A, for example, they don’t want to wait several days for it to be ordered; then, have to make a second trip for administration,” Shackelford said. “Having a perpetual inventory in stock can be instrumental to preventing potentially life-threatening diseases.”

According to a statement on the company’s website, MinibarRx represents the product of over 30 years of specialty drug distribution and over 40 years of smart refrigeration technology experience, providing pharmacists with a profoundly unique and functional cold supply chain, inventory management solution for vaccines and biologics.

Those advantages make all the difference to Shackelford, who was quick to emphasize just how valuable MinibarRx is likely to be in the organization’s efforts to protect adults from preventable diseases like the flu, shingles, and pneumonia, among others.

“On the clinical side, it is one thing for our pharmacists to have vaccination discussions with their patients, but quite another altogether to take immediate action once a need has been identified. MinibarRx was specifically designed for storing and handling a wider range of vaccines in one place—protecting fragile formulations from light and temperature variations—so that they can be administered promptly in full confidence.”

On top of that, MinibarRx monitors and tracks all items dispensed for better compliance management, and also offers the benefit of concise par level management and inventory restocking.”

Providing further clarity, Alicia Calderone, Clinical Pharmacy Manager at Benzer, highlighted other benefits of the program, saying, “There’s little to no out-of-pocket costs for customers because vaccinations are generally considered preventative by most insurance plans. MinibarRx works on a consignment basis. Think of it like a mini-fridge at a hotel in which you only pay for what you take.”

MinibarRx units have the capacity to cover diseases ranging from tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), hepatitis A and B, shingrix (shingles), meningitis, pneumonia (13 and 23), MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella), Gardasil HPV (human papilloma virus), typhoid, and, of course, both the high-dose and non-high dose versions of the flu vaccine for those 65-and-over and 12-and-over, respectively. A brief list of available vaccines include the following: ADACEL VIAL, BOOSTRIX VACCINE VIAL, ENGERIX-B 10 MCG/0.5 ML SYRN, GARDASIL 9 SYRINGE, HAVRIX 1,440 UNITS/ML SYRINGE, MENACTRA VIAL, M-M-R II VACCINE WITH DILUENT, PNEUMOVAX 23 SYRINGE, PREVNAR 13 SYRINGE, and SHINGRIX VIAL + DILUENT.

“If a special order is required for a vaccine not part of standard stock, MinibarRx’s forward- deployed program can fill in the gap,” Calderone said. “In fact, all immunizing pharmacies can order any vaccination and receive it within one-to-two business days.” All of it is great news for patients ready to do more than talk about getting vaccinated. As Calderone happily reports, MinibarRx gives them an opportunity “to step up and get it done in one shot.”

“Pharmacists are the most available and trusted professionals in healthcare—something that’s equally true of our clinical staff members—each of whom is always ready to lend a helping hand with a gentle poke in the arm,” she asserted. “In my mind, there is no better way to keep the health of our patients at the forefront than to take a lead role in making a wider variety of immunizations accessible from a preventative standpoint.”

Vaccinations are available in single-dose and multi-dose vials, as well as in pre-filled syringes. For product specifications and capacity information, contact a MinibarRx representative by email at info(at) or by phone at 855-544-2122.

To learn more about MinibarRx, visit Contact your local Benzer Pharmacy for details, and look for updates on vaccine availability, location participation, rollout schedules, and new lading pages—linking diseases with their vaccination counterparts—within the Benzer system at

About MinibarRx®. MinibarRx (formerly an affiliate of Minibar Systems–the world’s largest maker of refrigerated platforms to the hospitality industry, and InstantDx–a pioneer in electronic prescribing and healthcare-transaction services) is a subsidiary of FFF Enterprises, Inc. MinibarRx designed and developed the SMART refrigerator for vaccines and biologics storage, coupled with technology to monitor and maintain product inventory. The result is a system that improves the process of purchasing, storing, administering, and billing for vaccines and biologics in physician offices and pharmacies, a unique pharmaceutical refrigerator. MinibarRx’s transformational technology to the refrigerated drug marketplace drives better healthcare while also providing a more efficient purchasing and stocking environment for physicians.