In the words of Meghann Chilcott, Chief Technology and Marketing Officer for Benzer Pharmacy, the move is intended to produce a two-fold outcome that benefits participating  pharmacies in terms of optimizing reserves for better margins, while enhancing the ability of frontline staff members to deliver exceptional customer service at the point-of-sale.

“Few things are as frustrating for patients as having to leave the pharmacy empty handed, so we decided to do something about it,” Chilcott reasoned. “Now, by teaming up with OrderInsite, we’ve added in extra layers of protection to guard against preventable shortfalls in drugs on hand.”

She continued, “On our end, reluctantly having to say, ‘We’re sorry, but we’re out,’ is simply no longer acceptable under any circumstances.”

While Chilcott’s assertion is easier said than done, the technology that makes it possible has a track record of proven success and is currently used by OrderInsite partners such as the American Association of Pharmacies (AAP), PioneerRx, and Medi-Span, among others.

According to a statement on the company’s website, OrderInsite’s algorithms employ sophisticated predictive analytics—drawing on historical demand patterns, real-time pricing fluctuations, and other daily variables—to more accurately assess quantities and improve product workflow from the store shelf to the front counter.

OrderInsite CEO George Lazenby explained, “Our solutions integrate with existing practice management systems, corporate communication structures, and ordering systems, utilizing bi-directional data feeds to enable streamlined and straightforward implementation.”

“The tools we bring to the table automate and add precision to things pharmacists normally do—from forecasting changes in demand, conducting cycle counts, tracking dispensing, and managing equivalents to recommending transfers, documenting purchasing activity, monitoring compliance, and making key purchasing management decisions. This automation allows our customers to focus more on their customers while optimizing their inventory”

Lazenby concluded, “No other prescription drug inventory solution on the market today is nearly as robust or comprehensive as OrderInsite.”

“Motion carried,” agreed Chilcott.

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      About Benzer Pharmacy.
      Founded in 2009, Benzer Pharmacy is a chain of independent retail pharmacies specializing in compounding and specialty medication. Currently, there are 82 corporate-owned and 34 franchise locations situated throughout 29 states, including Florida, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Nevada, Louisiana, New York, Missouri, Mississippi, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, and Idaho. Projections call for continued rapid growth as the organization seeks to substantially increase its customer base, while ensuring experiences match expectations at every touchpoint.

      Benzer Pharmacy has made four straight appearances on Inc. 5,000 list of the fastest growing private companies in America from 2015-2018; correspondingly, the company earned 39th place on the 2015 Florida Fast 100 list, while concurrently placing 67th on the 2015 TBBJ 200 list of Tampa Bay’s largest private companies. Benzer was also voted favorite pharmacy in the 2015 Best of Fuquay Varina in North Carolina, and achieved PCAB compounding accreditation with Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). All Benzer Pharmacy medications require a doctor’s prescription.

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