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Telepharmacy: A Higher Resolution In Healthcare Screening And Service

Telepharmacy: A Higher Resolution in Healthcare Screening and Service

Pharmacists consistently rank among the most favorably reviewed and trusted professionals in the medical field.  Also, unlike primary care physicians, they’re generally more accessible. Business hours may vary from storefront to storefront, but they’re generally fixed at any given location. So, it only stands to reason that customers increasingly look to them for healthcare services first.

Even for those who can’t make it to the pharmacy in person.

Such is the case for early adopters of telepharmacy technology.

So what is telepharmacy, exactly?

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy defines the term as, “the provision of pharmaceutical care through the use of telecommunications and information technologies to patients at a distance.” In our view, we see it as a transformative way to increase the one-on-one time customers get to spend with their pharmacists—particularly in rural communities where they would normally be separated by a half-hour’s drive or more.

Recent statistics suggest patients are really warming up to the benefits of telepharmacy.

Benefits of telepharmacy

As described in a recent post on, advancements in online integration and specialized software have optimized telepharmacy to the point where pharmacists working remotely can now handle many of the tasks that in-house pharmacists perform. The upshot frees them to focus on important clinical initiatives like medication reconciliation and discharge management as a means to improve patient outcomes.

Although telepharmacy regulations vary widely across the country, 45 states now allow for its practice, with new security features that provide for better oversight of confidential patient information. Even better, according to Brian Roberts, CEO of PipelineRx, there’s a strong underpinning of teamwork going on between the cloud-based platform and the pharmacist.

“Prescription errors are lower because you get a very high-quality pharmacist who’s making the decisions,” Roberts said. “And they’re focused just on the patient and what’s going to be safe for them.” In real-time, patients can dump their medications on the table, enabling the pharmacist to review them—same as if they were right there in person—that’s a concept that really works.

Our sentiments exactly.

Telepharmacy services

  • Patient counseling
  • Medication therapy management
  • Instructional sessions
  • Formulary compliance monitoring, linking patients-t0-hospitals-to-pharmacists and back again

At Benzer Pharmacy, we’re working to expand medical care by connecting patients to telepharmacy services in the many communities we serve, helping patients better manage their care from the comfort of home without sacrificing quality in the slightest.

As Meghann Chilcott, Chief Technology and Marketing Officer, has said in the past, “Regardless of whether the pharmacist is directly interacting with patient face-to-face; or counseling them via teleconference, he or she is still held to the same requirements by the state boards of pharmacy.”

In short, telepharmacy puts all the right tools to manage patient health front and center—even when the patient isn’t—all through the magic of online video.

Health “screenings” will never be quite the same again.

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