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Bonum Health

Benzer Pharmacy* now offering Bonum "Health Hubs" services

Bonum Health Hub serves as a lower-cost, convenient alternative of a visit to the doctor’s office. 

Through our partnership with Bonum Health, we continue to improve the health of communities and patient care in both rural and urban areas. Good quality care is hard to get. With Health Hub anyone can get a consultation at affordable prices.  Now our patients can receive secure doctor’s consultations with a virtual network of more than 800 physicians from around the country.

Bonum Health Hubs are compatible with the “Bonum Health app” which provides patients with a personal electronic medical record and scheduling system. 

Each Bonum Health Hub connects patients and physicians through an interactive digital video portal; includes a screen for two-way video communication, the necessary medical equipment for the services available, and a table and chair for in-person consultations.

The full-sized medical kiosk features an online interface that expands the power of your Bonum Health member profile into digital, face-to-face platform that brings you and physician eye-to-eye in a fully secure, private setting. This allows for more substantial and effective dialogue about sensitive conditions and other collaborative care concerns. 



Primary Care

Behavioral Health



Board-Certified Practitioners

No waiting room

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