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Patient Programs

With you in mind.

Through our partnership with Bonum Health, we continue to improve the health of communities and patient care in both rural and urban areas. Good quality care is hard to get. With Health Hub anyone can get a consultation at affordable prices.

It’s never too early to protect yourself and your loved ones from the seasonal influenza virus strain. Prevention is the top most effective way to stay healthy.

Benzer Pharmacy is proud to offer our patients a variety of vaccinations as part of our Immunization Program!

 ScriptSave® WellRx Premier is the trusted online resource that offers you prescription medicines at an affordable price and easier to manage.

Benzer Pharmacy now offers you with safe, affordable, and efficient transportation options for picking-up your prescriptions and meeting your local pharmacist for in-person consultations by partnering with Uber Health.  

Managing diabetes can be expensive, but with Benzer Pharmacy it doesn’t have to be. Benzer has teamed up with ARKRAY, Your Diabetes Health Ally, to provide quality diabetes management at a price you can afford!

Benzer Pharmacy’s Bedside Delivery Program ensures that you have your medications in hand before leaving the hospital. Once home, our pharmacists are available as a consultative resource for any of your concerns, including medication management assistance.

benzer offers pet med services
New in-store, non-emergency veterinary care kiosk. new partnership with EZ Vet to make low cost, non-emergency veterinary services available in the retail pharmacy setting for the first time in its system.

Meet “spencer,” a new, self-contained unit for optimizing medication adherence among those at elevated risk of non-compliance.

eHealth helps people find insurance coverage that works for their personal needs. Research, compare and enroll in Medicare insurance plans that cover your doctors, the prescription drugs you take, and that are accepted at Benzer Pharmacies

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