From a high-level perspective, Michael Halligan, VP of Sales at Catalyst Healthcare, suggested the move is shaping up to be a “win-win” for all stakeholders—patients and providers alike.

“We are very pleased to have Benzer Pharmacy join our spencer-certified pharmacy network,” Halligan said. “Their laser focus on patients achieving positive outcomes is consistent with our goal of accelerating medication adherence and helping pharmacies—through technology—address medication adherence, medication therapy management and chronic disease management.”

Discussing the impact of Catalyst’s spencer, Tonya Shackelford, VP of Clinical Services at Benzer Pharmacy, elaborated, “Medication adherence technology by any other name is not the same.”

“The beauty of the spencer device is that it works much like an in-person caregiver, organizing dosing schedules based on time and date, calling out audible reminders when it’s time to take which meds and what to take them with,” Shackelford explained. “Upon hearing those prompts, all a patient needs to do is press the dispensing button to access their medication.”

Just a few of the upsides include eliminating the need for sorting and storing extra supplies, as well as unsightly and often confusing assortments of empty or half-empty bottles on the countertop.

The way Shackelford sees it, that advantage alone makes spencer ideal for people taking multiple medications. Not only does it provide custom prescription packets for greater convenience and compliance for patients, the technology-enabled aspects of the units offer greater peace-of-mind to their loved ones as well.

“Say you’re someone who has been asked to ‘look-in’ on an elderly relative or friend. With spencer in the home, you can receive text updates through the caregiver app sent directly to your smartphone. That way, you’re notified immediately when a dose is taken or missed. The benefits go on and on, but the peace-of-mind that comes with the extra levels of oversight might just be the best of all.”

At times, that can go double for the pharmacist working on the other end. The spencer machine also loops in prescribers who can step-in to help manage prescriptions and refills through the video chat function—putting them in direct contact with their patients.

“Medications are precisely counted and packaged in barcoded packs, delivered straight to the front door of patients,” Shackelford said. “Better yet, spencer supplies pharmacists with other kinds of biometric feedback on how patients are doing, like monitoring weight and blood pressure readings, viewed remotely through the app.”

No more trips “back and forth” to the pharmacy will certainly come as a welcome relief, particularly in that spencer keeps all parties on the same page in a smart, connected hub that supports patients through a uniquely integrated “circle of care.”

That’s reason enough to get to know spencer.

“Better care at first sight,” is what Shackelford calls it.

“All of us at Benzer Pharmacy would be pleased to introduce you.”

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About Catalyst Healthcare and “spencer.” 
Part of Catalyst Healthcare’s adherence ecosystem, “spencer” is a cornerstone within a suite of connected technologies that gather, share and correlate data in real-time. An award-winning technology company with offices in Canada and the United States, Catalyst is dedicated to improving medication adherence and reducing the costs associated with non- adherence to healthcare systems. In essence, Catalyst provides an end-to-end pharmacy solution for adherence that improves quality and efficiency at every point across the medication delivery ecosystem. The goal of the organization is to ensure that everyone, regardless of care setting, has access to clinically-managed digital health tools that lower costs and improve outcomes.

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