Get Customized Compounding Medications at Benzer!

Need Customized Medications?

We compound medications for your special needs

Our expert compounding pharmacist provide an array of specialty compounding service.

Customized Compounding Medications

Get Customized Compounding Medications at Benzer!

  • Alternative Delivery Methods:

    • Liquid suspensions
    • Transdermal Gels
    • Lolipops
  • Alternatives to ingredients that cause allergic reactions
  • Specific strengths and dose forms
  • Flavored medications for children and pets
  • Accommodating patients with disabilities or medical conditions
  • Preparing medications that are no longer being produced by pharmaceutical firms.

Our expert compounding pharmacist can provide medication therapy in a strength or an easier to use form that is not commercially available.

We specialize in compounding for:

  • Women’s Health Compounds
  • Men’s Health Compounds
  • Children’s Compounds
  • Sports Medicine Compounds
  • Health Compounds
  • Veterinary Compounds
  • Podiatry Compounds
  • Dermatology Compounds
  • Pain Management
  • Many More!
For more information on ingredients used in Compounding Medication, please refer to our
Reference Article.