Act Now and Save Your Community Pharmacy

Dec 15, 2015

Dear Valued Customer,


Following the recent change in your Staywell insurance plan, a majority of independent pharmacies will not be allowed to participate in Staywell Medicaid plans.


Independent pharmacy existence is being threatened and the time to act is now. As a state, we have the competitive advantage to address this. All independent pharmacies are requesting that their patients (Staywell or non Staywell) call the state officials below and express their grievances.


Talking points for patient:

  • Medicaid is limiting my pharmacy choices.
  • My independent pharmacy is the only pharmacy in my area that delivers for FREE.
  • My independent pharmacist knows me personally and I am comfortable with them.
  • My health does not permit me to stand in long lines at busy chain pharmacies.
  • I prefer the convenient services and the fast and friendly staff at my independent pharmacy.
  • My specialty packaging (bubble pack) can only be obtained at an independent pharmacy.


It is imperative that you make contacts with your elected officials NOW!


Benzer Pharmacy is requesting all patients to call these two numbers and report their concerns.

1. Governor Rick Scott’s Office                           850-717-9337

2. Elizabeth Dudek, Secretary AHCA                  850-412-3603


If you wish to change plans and continue your care at Benzer Pharmacy you can call Choice Counseling at 1-877-711-3662 or 1-866-467-4970 (TDD).


Please help us protect your community pharmacy.

Thank you.



Benzer Pharmacy