Benzer Pharmacy Car Wrap Campaign Provides Financial Aid to Single Parents

Oct 21, 2015

Tampa, FL- Benzer Pharmacy is providing financial aid to single parents  through its car wrap campaign. 


The drug store with over forty locations nationwide announced Wednesday, October 20, 2015 that $250 per month will be compensated for every car that is wrapped with the Benzer Pharmacy design.


“Benzer Pharmacy is giving back to the community that supports our business through the car wrap campaign,” addresses Jessica Connor, Benzer Pharmacy Marketing Specialist. 


“The stress of handling all household expenses alone are daunting and challenging for single parents, warranting the need for financial assistance,” says Jessica.


The campaign that was first designed around helping single parents is now opened to all customers that meet the minimum requirements. Benzer is creating a symbiotic relationship. They are helping the consumers make ends meet while Benzer creates brand awareness. 


“It is a pleasure to wrap my vehicle through Benzer Pharmacy and an honor to let others know how amazing the pharmacy treats its customers by caring about everyone’s welfare” narrates a customer. 


Consumers are seeking ways to make money, while companies are looking for more affordable advertising strategies. “This is why Benzer Pharmacy is giving money to those in need in the community by cutting down on the traditional ways of advertising like television, radio, newspaper and instead focus on benefiting the community,” Jessica adds.


Donating to worthy causes can benefit the givers as much as the receivers. An organization can promote charitable activities to build good will in the community, enhance customer loyalty, heighten brand awareness, and even increase sales.


Due to public demand, and after over forty vehicle wraps, the company is excited  to extend this campaign to the general public. To qualify for a full vehicle wrap, the independent contractor must show proof of valid driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle registration, must be over 18 years of age, must pass a background check and drug test, must show proof of “clean” driving record including other terms and conditions. 





Benzer Pharmacy is a chain of independent retail pharmacies specializing in compounding and specialty medication. The first Benzer Pharmacy was opened in year 2009. There are currently over 40 locations throughout Florida, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Nevada and Louisiana. The pharmacy is projected to grow rapidly in-order to make maximum reach to customers. Benzer Pharmacy recently earned position 1500 on the 2015 Inc. 5000 list for the fastest - growing private company in America and position 39 out of 100 in the Florida Fast 100 as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the state of Florida. All Benzer Pharmacy medications require a doctor's prescription.  For more information: 




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