Benzer Pharmacy Joins Corporations Offering Employee Wellness Programs

Aug 12, 2015

Corporate employee wellness has gained popularity lately and Benzer Pharmacy is today stepping up to provide best practices for employee engagement.

Starting August 2015, Benzer Pharmacy is encouraging its employees to take their health seriously. Companies are beginning to understand that investing in employee health will ultimately improve their overall wellness. 

“Benzer Pharmacy realizes that employees spend the bulk of their days at the workplace and providing corporate wellness programs is a great way to engage employees,” says Kirsten Becker, a certified personal trainer and Benzer Pharmacy Corporate Wellness Specialist. 

Employees may be stressed over personal life events, organizational tasks, or market conditions. Kirsten will work with the employees at the Benzer Pharmacy corporate office in designing and delivering customized wellness programs tailored to employee needs and specific employer objectives. 

“I will be giving thirty minute classes consisting of various workouts, which will include; core, flexibility, agility (SAQ), strength, stabilization, balance training,” Kirsten describes. “I will do my best to keep everyone motivated and the workout classes interesting and fun,” she adds.

Our goal is to empower employees to make educated decisions to improve their wellbeing. In order to encourage and motivate employees, Benzer Pharmacy will offer incentives for progress toward or attainment of acceptable ranges for biometric measures, such as blood pressure, body mass index, blood sugar and cholesterol. 

“A work environment that supports and encourages a healthy lifestyle through broad-based messaging and one that offers convenient and easily accessible wellness activities helps change and foster healthy habits,” concludes Kirsten.

Kirsten is a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), Youth Exercise Specialist (YES) by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is also a P90X Certified Trainer and PIYO Certified. 

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