Complimentary Delivery of Medication to Homes

Oct 30, 2014

Palm Bay, FL, October 30, 2014 - Rx Care is strengthening its engagement with the Palm Bay residents by offering personalized services.


Aware of how uncomfortable certain disease states can be, the pharmacy offers a no charge, confidential, same-day delivery of medication to homes or designated locations.


Located at 1270 Malabar Rd. SE Ste 2, Palm Bay, FL 32907 in Brevard County, Rx Care Pharmacy is a chain of independent pharmacies with a patient care team ready to assist with all medication needs.


The pharmacy staff understands that time is precious and will therefore provide a hassle-free process that will make everyone’s experience pleasant.


 “Rx Care Pharmacy is excited to announce that free online transfer prescription services are offered or doctors can call in the prescription for their patients which will be delivered right to their homes,” says Lindsay Wall, a Pharmacist at Rx Care. “Transfer all prescription related worries to Rx Care Pharmacy and have a much deserved peace of mind,” she adds.


The Pharmacy specializes in compounding, a science of creating or preparing personalized medications. Individual ingredients are combined in the exact strength and dosage form required for the patient. The pharmacist preparing the compound works with the patient and prescriber to meet the patient’s specific needs.


Rx Care Pharmacy is also a full service pharmacy specializing in services such as; high-cost, biotech, injectable, and oral medications. These specialty medications help patients with complex conditions including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Hepatitis C. These drugs can be injected, infused or taken orally, and typically require special handling.


This is a true way of engaging the community through professional, personalized services to ensure better health and well-being of customers.



Lindsay Wall, Pharmacist:

Emah Madegwa, PR & Media Relations Manager:


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