Get Personalized Service

Jan 7, 2015

Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to choosing a pharmacy. The convenience of buying medicines from any branded retailer over an independent pharmacy may seem appealing to most but it is prudent not to be quick to ignore the advantages that your local community pharmacy has to offer. Of the thousands of independent pharmacies spread across America, Rx Care Pharmacy is amongst the most well-known and the most trusted.

The Rx Care Pharmacy has stores in multiple locations across Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan and Louisiana. Their skilled team of pharmacy professionals is always ready to care about their patients. In contrast to the trend of warehouse style system of the pharmaceutical industry, independent pharmacies like the Rx Care specialize in personalized services. They are based solely on the patients and their needs. Customer service is their main priority and these independent pharmacies provide services that big retailers would never think of trying. At Rx Care Pharmacy, the staff promises to go above and beyond the expectations set by their customers to ensure that they get personalized services that they won’t get anywhere else. Not only do they provide face-to-face consultations to the customers, the staff at Rx Care will answer any type of question or concern.
The Rx Care Pharmacy offers numerous products and services for the customer’s needs. From free online transfer and refill of your prescriptions to hassle free processes, Rx Care strives to ensure that their customers have a pleasant experience every time they visit the pharmacy. The pharmacy also provides free local home delivery service, which means fewer trips to the pharmacy. At Rx Care Pharmacy, service is all about making customers feel welcome, treating everyone as equal and giving each customer the best health care advice every time. For the staff at Rx Care, customers are not just a number – they know their customers by name and the customers also know the staff. The staff gives advice whether a customer buys something or not. Here the customer is considered as a part of the family. And for family, nothing but the best will do.
Like any other independent pharmacy, the pharmacy team at Rx Care will go out of their way to help a customer handle any type of problem such as transferring your prescriptions to their pharmacy. And when you shop at Rx Care, you get courteous service every time. In all the independent pharmacies, the value is placed on customers and not their money. The customers tend to develop much friendlier relationships with the staff, resulting in a great service. Most importantly, by supporting independent pharmacies like Rx Care Pharmacy, customers would be supporting their local community, as these pharmacies provide jobs and ensures that the community is well taken care of.