Independent Pharmacies want a Tobacco-free Society

Nov 12, 2014

Tampa, FL, November 12, 2014 – The Rx Care Pharmacy is standing against the use and sale of tobacco to manage health and wellness of Americans given the enormous burden of tobacco use.


Like many independent pharmacies across the country, Rx Care Pharmacy has been actively involved in creating a tobacco-free society and studies have shown that there has been no negative impact from independent pharmacies since they stopped selling tobacco products.


Since a pharmacy is a place where people go to purchase the medications that reverse a disease, Rx Care Pharmacy believes it should not be encouraging the sale of an addictive drug that could most likely make people’s health worse.


It sends out mixed messages to the community allowing tobacco sales in pharmacies, a product that is responsible for nearly 1 in 5 deaths; this equals about 480,000 early deaths each year in the United States. (Source: Cancer Facts & Figures 2014; and US Surgeon General Report 2014)


Rx Care Pharmacy has forever placed value on customers and their well-being by avoiding the sale of an item that will adversely affect the health of much-valued customers.


As pharmacists are perceived as among the most trusted of health care professionals, the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies conveys unspoken consent of tobacco use; sends a message that tobacco use is not so dangerous; and goes against their belief of protecting and promoting health.


Rx Care Pharmacist, Lindsay Wall, says independent pharmacies have been far more effective than any branded-retailers in reaching out to the community. “At Rx Care Pharmacy, the staff takes the company’s health care mission very seriously,” she states.


“Rx Care Pharmacy has vowed not to allow sale of any tobacco products in any of its stores because the pharmacy believes caring about its customers’ health is more important than selling unhealthy temptations,” Lindsay adds.


From stopping the sale of tobacco products in independent pharmaceutical stores to providing consultation to customers regarding the use of tobacco products, Rx Care believes that reducing the number of stores that sell tobacco makes prevention efforts more effective, hence promoting healthy living.



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