Now Offering Multi-Dose Packaging Solutions to Help Patients Adhere to Medication Regimens

Aug 3, 2015

Benzer Pharmacy is now offering free med pack preparations to customers who are having a tough time trying to remember to take all their medications and keep them organized. 

According to the American Heart Association, 32 million Americans are taking three or more medications daily. Half of all Americans on medications don’t take them properly. 

Several Americans have been put on a very complicated regimen that requires then to take several pills a day. Elderly patients, in particular, have several bottles of pills which leaves them overwhelmed. 

“Compliance can be a challenge for patients over 50 years of age who take multiple medications. In fact, taking medication incorrectly, or forgetting to take it, is one of the main reasons patients like these get readmitted to hospital or placed in nursing homes,” explains Courtney Griner, Benzer Pharmacy Office Manager.

Benzer Pharmacy is now helping patients maintain quality of life by providing Dispill. Dispill is an innovative, cold-sealed multi-dose packaging system that makes it easy to manage and take medications. Each blister pack contains multiple medications that are grouped together based on the time of the day you are directed to take them. 

Dispill offers customizable labels with patient name, medication with packaging for morning, noon, evening and bedtime. It also includes a printed label with personalized instructions. This helps give your highest-risk patients a way to ensure they are taking the right medication and the right dose at the right time.

“The versatility and detail of the perforated blister pack allows you to detach however many days of medications you'd like to include,” says Courtney. 

“Benzer Pharmacy will synchronize customer’s medication refills and package them into this easy-to-use system for free,” Courtney adds.

Dispill is ideal for patients with multi-dose requirements, alternate or long-term care sites, or patients with over-the-counter (OTC) regimens, such as fitness or dietary supplements. Dispill eliminates the need for pillboxes and single-dose bingo cards, which in turn decreases the risk of patients mixing up medication or forgetting the time of day they have to take them. 

“Each cell is perforated, making it easy for patients to take them on the go. Giving patients a safer, easier way to take their medications correctly is a convenience that helps them maintain their quality of life — a benefit that will keep them coming back to Benzer Pharmacy,” Courtney reiterates.


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