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Your neighbor, not a giant corporation

Personalized support for healthier outcomes
Benzer pharmacists are trusted, local healthcare providers who are part of your community. From flu shots to personalized packaging, we help you identify potential medical issues, simplify complicated treatments and stay well – often at considerable savings. We can even provide telehealth and transportation services for patients needing that extra level of support.

“People First” means you
Modern medicine can be confusing. Your Benzer pharmacist focuses on your individual needs, following up to make sure you’re following your treatment successfully.

Ask us anything
Are you taking the right medicines at the right times of day? Are their less expensive alternatives? What are the side effects? Go ahead and ask. We’ll take the time to give you the answers you deserve.

Wellness on your schedule
Your Benzer pharmacist provides a wide range of clinical services designed to keep you and your family healthy. Most of these offerings require no appointment. Just stop by and ask.

Who has time for chronic illness?
We do. Benzer offers education, prevention, management and care coordination services for patients battling diabetes arthritis, heart disease, cancer and other serious conditions.

Pricing for your real world
Benzer‘s national organization helps deliver competitive pricing for major medications, including lower-cost generics and medications not covered by insurance.

Healthier communities
Benzer pharmacists are more than local businesses. They are also neighbors and friends. Our goal is to strengthen local communities and the relationships that make them healthy — one patient at a time.

Stop smoking now
We’re here to help by helping you develop and follow a plan to quit, find social support and manage cravings – all of which will help you get healthier as you reduce your risk of smoking-related illnesses.

Home and bedside delivery
Several Benzer pharmacies partner with hospitals to ensure that patients have the medicines they need by discharge. Once you’re home, we’ll check in to answer questions, make sure things are going well, and even deliver refills.

Keep track of your meds
We love seeing you – but you shouldn’t have to keep coming in for refills of multiple medications. We’ll  work with your physician to synchronize refill dates and make it easier to follow your treatment plans.

Get screened
Worried that you might be at risk for a serious condition? We can conduct a full health screening to identify the signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and other undiagnosed conditions – before they become serious problems.

Custom packaging and formulation
We can accommodate special needs – whether that means easy-open packaging, 90-day supplies, labels in different languages and even flavoring to make medicines taste less yucky.

Free copy, fax and notary
Part of being your neighbor is providing these important services when you need them. If we’re open, these services are here for you.

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