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Benzer Pharmacy Launches “Pet Project” With First “EZ Vet” Pet Care Station

Benzer Pharmacy Launches “Pet Project” with First “EZ Vet” Pet Care Station

New in-store, non-emergency veterinary care kiosk slated to open September 3, 2019 in Miami, Florida

TAMPA, Fla., September 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Benzer Pharmacy proudly announces the beginning of a new partnership with EZ Vet to make low cost, non-emergency veterinary services available in the retail pharmacy setting for the first time in its system.

Termed “veterinary services in a box” in reference materials, each EZ Vet station is a self-contained, free-standing pet care installation, requiring only 55 square feet of floor space within an existing business for day-to-day operation. According to company spokesperson and CEO Dr. Barry Goldberg, EZ Vet offers customers easy, affordable, and convenient access to basic pet care services in a one-of-a-kind “one-stop-shop” experience.

“Each EZ Vet pet care kiosk is staffed onsite by a licensed veterinarian and veterinary assistant, so pet owners can trust their animals will receive quality medical attention at every visit,” Goldberg explained. “Routine services include everything from physical exams and vaccinations to heartworm and parasitic medications and even full diagnostic testing.”

Goldberg says urgent care for acute injuries or illnesses is not offered, but that many pet owners love the peace of mind that comes from having a licensed vet provide basic wellness treatment without having to set-up an appointment in advance, like they would when visiting their regular vet.

“EZ Vet generally keeps the same store hours as the pharmacy, so walk-ins are always welcome, as are quick check-ups during the evenings and on weekends,” Goldberg said. “Customers can select from Puppy, Dog, Kitten, and Cat Wellness Packages—each available at a fraction of the cost of most brick-and-mortar pet care clinics.”

Gina VonEye, Vice President of Marketing for Benzer Pharmacy, is among those who are welcoming the introduction of EZ Vet to the system with open arms, saying, EZ Vet will deliver a lot of benefits for Benzer Pharmacy shoppers, as well as for the company itself.

“EZ Vet enables us to do something for our customers we could never do on our own; namely, give them a one-stop destination where they can take care of their own basic healthcare needs—as well as those of their pets—without driving all over town,” VonEye reasoned.

EZ Vets are stocked with name brand prescription dog and cat food, featuring Hill’s Prescription Diet and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet, among others. “Even better,” VonEye says, “An EZ Vet station is naturally going to draw additional foot traffic to and through the store; and subsequently, increase revenue as a result.”

Noting that “most pet stores don’t have the capacity, nor the funding to launch a successful vet clinic,” Goldberg suggested, “EZ Vet and Benzer make a perfect match—a turnkey solution—with little downside in return for the promise of great reward.”

The first EZ Vet in the Benzer system is scheduled to open August 1, 2019 in the company’s Miami Dade County location at 1250 NW 7th Street in Miami, Florida. For store hours, or to contact the pharmacy, call 786-615-8627.

To see if your local Benzer has an EZ Vet pop up, use our store locator below.


      About EZ Vet. EZ Vet veterinary clinics provide easy access to affordable, convenient and quality veterinary care for all your pet’s everyday concerns and preventative care needs. EZ Vet veterinary clinics are located inside pet friendly  Furrstruck and Benzer Pharmacy locations and offers a wide range of preventative, diagnostics and treatments for your pets. A trusted, licensed veterinarian and vet technician will address your pet’s concerns and outline treatments and recommendations specifically tailored to your pet’s health. Our veterinary clinics are open days, evenings and weekends. To learn more, log on to

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