Benzer Pharmacy Services

Benzer Pharmacy Services

Home Delivery

free home delivery

Toooo busy to pick up your prescription? No worries, Benzer Pharmacy can deliver them to you at no additional cost. All of our locations offer free delivery service. We make sure that you are able to get the medications that you need no matter what! If you need your medicines delivered, just ask.*


Customized Medication Packaging

customized medication packaging

Too many medication to track?   Use our convenient, customized medication packaging and reduce the risk of forgetting if you have or you have not taken a dose. Ask your Benzer pharmacist about our customized medication packaging. 


Benzer Pharmacy Services

Refill Reminder

Never run out of your medications again. Now you can receive a text, phone call or email when your prescriptions are ready for refill or pick-up. Sign up today at your local Benzer Pharmacy!

Online Refills

Now you can easily refill your prescriptions anywhere, anytime from your computer or with our free mobile app. Refill your prescriptions online and we will deliver it to your door!*


Medication Convenience Services

Do you have Special Needs? We can accommodate your special needs. Ask your pharmacist about easy open caps, large print labels, and labels in different languages.

Free Medication Flavoring

Don’t like the taste of your medication? Make your medication go down a bit easier with FDA-approved flavoring. 

90-Day Prescriptions

Going on Vacation? Get a 3-month supply of your ongoing maintenance medications and reduce the chances of running out or missing a dose. We will even deliver them right to your door for free.*


Are you a Regular Customer? Enter your credit card information into our secure encrypted payment system and we'll automatically bill your credit card when you pick up your prescription. Just grab and go! or you can have us delivery your medications to your door for free!*


Misplaced Rx Script from Doctor? Have your doctor conveniently send prescriptions electronically to us and never worry about losing a paper prescription again. We will even fill and deliver your prescription.

Free Copy, Fax and Notary

Got Other Needs? As complementary to our valuable customers we provide free copy, fax, and notary service.

*Restrictions may apply.


Got Insurance? At Benzer Pharmacy, we accepts all major insurance plans. It is simple and convenient to fill your prescription with us.
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Caremark
  • Express Scripts
  • Humana
  • Medco
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Much More!
  • Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation

Workers Comp? We will coordinate with your insurance carrier to verify what prescriptions have been approved. Call us and we'll ship your Workers' Compensation medications right to your door*, hassle free. We'll work on your behalf, filling your prescription needs even if your claim has been denied or goes through litigation.

Long Term Care

Special Care Facilities? Benzer Pharmacy provides pharmaceutical services to assisted living, skilled nursing, correctional facilities, hospice programs, and behavioral health group homes.


Immunization prepares the body to fight against illness. Our highly skilled pharmacists are trained to conveniently administer a wide range of recommended vaccinations. Below is the list of vaccinations provided at Benzer Pharamcy, along with its availability. 

  • Influenza: Seasonal (October-January)
  • Shingles: Year-round 
  • Hepatitis A:  Year-round 
  • Hepatits B-: Year-round 
  • Tdap: Year-round
  • Varicella: Year-round 
  • MMR: Year-round 
  • Meningococcal: Year-round 
  • Pneumococcal: Year-round 

Walk in anytime. No appointments needed. For more inforamtion ask our pharmacist at Benzer Pharmacy. 

**Offer valid in selected pharmacies.